For developers


PaperStream is a python web app created with Falcon and OpenCV. The source code is in this repo. To download and run the project from its source code follow these instructions:

  • You need python >= 3.6 before you continue
git clone
cd paperstream/
pip install -r requirements.txt
python -m paperstream

Creating standalone zip distributions of PaperStream

We use PyInstaller to create a distributable folder of PaperStream. Once you have downloaded the source code, do:

cd paperstream/paperstream
pyinstaller paperstream.spec --clean

You can start paperstream by executing paperstream/paperstream/dist/paperstream/PaperStream.exe. If you want to distribute it as a single file compress paperstream/paperstream/dist/paperstream.

Source code structure

    input/1_diaries_to_create # copies of the diaries' templates
    input/2_template_to_encode # copy of the encoding template
    input/3_diaries_to_encode # copies of the diaries to encode
    output/created_diaries # copies of created diaries
    output/encoded_diaries # copies of encoded diaries
    output/temporal # intermediate files
    static/ # web front end # code to create diaries	# code to encode diaries	# code to extract answer areas using the corner markers and image processing techniques
    log_configuration.ini	# logging configuration file	# falcon server routing
    paperstream.spec # spec file for PyInstaller

test/ # tests for creating and encoding diaries. Only works in windows
pyproject.toml # config file for flit (pip publishing tool)

More information for developers coming soon.